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Lower Mainland: 604-421-4555 | Van Isle: 250-797-1344 | Sunshine Coast: 604-741-6207   office@universitysprinklers.com | 中文

Commercial Irrigation Contractors

We have a solid reputation partnering with builders and landscape architects.

University Sprinklers installs hundreds of successful building sites every year.

As commercial irrigation contractors, we take pride in the quick and efficient service we provide to builders. We were delighted to work with Houston Landscapes on the VanDusen Botanical Garden Green Roof in 2011, featured in this video.

From well-priced simple lighting or irrigation systems for spec homes, to elaborate, extensive systems tailored to the specific watering needs specified by a Landscape Architect’s custom designs, we can meet your needs. We also work well with homeowners who are acting as their own general contractor.

Every day we meet a new fellow outside contractor, and appreciate the demands faced by all outside subtrades, including landscapers, paving stone contractors, concrete placers, electricians, and site grading / servicing contractors. Let’s work together to keep your project on-time, and installed in an efficient manner.

In Commercial Irrigation, Timing is Everything

Like any other trade, timing the installation of your irrigation or lighting system properly can make the difference between an efficient, successful installation and a more challenging one. Below is a timeline for your planning purposes, along with what you need to consider to guarantee a smooth installation:

Planning & Estimation
We can do the design and quotation for your system even before a home is built – but we do require a comprehensive landscape plan. The more detailed the plan, the more detailed and precise we can be in our estimation. Keep in mind that, like any building plan, changes between the original landscape design and the plan that unfolds on site may impact the final price. That said, it is most common for us to quote and design the project at approximately the “lockup” stage. For most homes a good visual walk through of the site with either the builder, landscaper or homeowner (whomever is most familiar with the landscaping plans) is sufficient. We like to go over the components of the system with you on site, and ask many questions, to get as much input into the design as possible at this point. Some of the questions we will ask include:

University Sprinkler Systems Irrigation System InstallationIrrigation

  • Where are the gardens / grass / annual plantings going to be located?
  • Where are the concrete / asphalt / pavers to be poured?
  • Are there any retaining walls planned?
  • Would you like the gardens watered separately from the grass?
  • Do you plan to have any hanging baskets / pots that you would like watered automatically?
  • Would you like the gardens and pots watered separately or together?

Landscape Lighting

  • Are there any larger specimen-style trees available we can highlight?
  • Are there any steps or stairs planned?
  • Do you have any dark hidden areas that may pose a security concern?
  • Which portions of the back / front / side yards can you see from the house?
  • So you have any special architectural features of the house you would like highlighted?
  • Do you have any line-voltage electrical supplies to the outside of the house?

After taking all the above information into account, we can complete a design and estimate specifically tailored to your site, with the special features you request.

We are also able to provide Certified Designs if required. Learn more about Certified Designs below.

Once you give us the “go ahead”, our first step is to ensure adequate preparations are made for a successful installation. At this stage we install “sleeving” – pipes under all retaining walls, driveways, sidewalks – BEFORE the surface is installed, to ensure that once we return to do the majority of the installation work, we will have access under all sidewalks, driveways, and retaining walls. At this stage, for those customers that plan to install a number of hanging baskets, it is also advisable to have your plumber pre-plumb tubing through the soffits to feed each basket, so the piping is completely concealed. Sleeving work is usually a very small portion of the total job, usually only 2-3 hours’ work, but is crucial to the completion of a successful installation.

We are usually available with 24-48 hours’ notice for sleeving work.

This is the phase of the installation where the majority of our work takes place. This phase usually takes 1-3 days depending on the site, and can take even longer for larger, more elaborate systems.

During this phase we install the entire system to the point where a completely functioning system is ready to use. For us to start this phase we need at least a sub-grade completed for the site, if not all the topsoil installed. Also, all the hard surfaces (driveways, sidewalks, retaining walls) should have been installed.

We can usually schedule installation dates with 1-2 weeks’ notice – the more the better!

This is a phase that sets us apart from the competition!

Once the landscaping has been completed, a member of our management team will return to the site to give it one last “check-over”. We tune and balance the various components of the system, check the system from the timer, take detailed site information that is stored on our head office computers to aid us in servicing the system in the future, and ensure a complete installation with 100% coverage. We also will instruct the end-user, whether that end user is a homeowner, gardener, or architect, about the complete functioning of the system, including the timer operation, master shut-off, and a run-through of the system to ensure complete satisfaction.

For landscape lighting systems, the same level of finalization holds true, but we will be completing things like accurate light focusing, bulb changes to achieve optimum lighting, and an inspection of the main transformer connections to ensure all is secure.

Supporting the Vision of the Landscape Architect

Landscape Architecture is an art form that we respect and admire. Our goal is to help you realize your vision, by providing the proper irrigation of your project. While design and creativity are your strengths, sprays, valves, rotors and impacts are ours. Together, we can ensure that your vision comes to life, and thrives over the long term with proper irrigation.

Naturally, landscape lighting is an integral part of your design. We have an established reputation for enhancing landscapes through beautiful, innovative and high-quality landscape lighting. Just as a landscape is designed for enjoyment through all the seasons, so should it be by night or day. Let University Sprinklers’ Landscape Lighting crew light up your projects for 24 hour a day appeal.

Certified Designs

Certified Designs

With over ten Irrigation Association of BC Certified Designers on staff, we are happy to help with your site’s Certified Design.

The process is a long and challenging one that encompasses site overview, product selection, hydraulics, head placement and design, and advanced scheduling. Many projects do not need certified designs because their simplicity allows this step to be easily skipped in favour of on-site design and hydraulics calculations. However, many of our clients ask for Certified Designs, and we are happy to offer them.

Substantial amounts of time and expertise are devoted to each site’s Certified Design. Because of the expertise that Certified Designs demand, they do come at a cost – usually $500- $2000.

Here are some samples of recent Certified Designs by University Sprinklers:

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