Irrigation Controller Timer Manuals

Are you looking for a manual for your automatic sprinkler system timer? You've come to the right place.
Irrigation TimerBelow you will find links to our various suppliers’ manuals, for everything from spray heads to valves.

Timer manuals are the most frequently requested item in our office. There are many different timers used by our customers. Check your timer to identify its manufacturer and model number, and then follow the corresponding links below:

  • Rain Bird
    (Toll Free Hotline: 1.800.247.3782)
  • Toro
    (Toll Free Hotline: 1.800.367.8676)
  • Irritrol/Hardie
    (Toll Free Hotline: 1.800.634.8873)
  • Nelson
    (Toll Free Hotline: 1.800.489.4568)


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