Lower Mainland: 604-421-4555 | Van Isle: 250-797-1344 |  Sunshine Coast: 604-741-6207 | office@universitysprinklers.com | 中文

Lower Mainland: 604-421-4555 | Van Isle: 250-797-1344 | Sunshine Coast: 604-741-6207   office@universitysprinklers.com | 中文

Irrigation System Installation

An Automatic Sprinkler System lets you enjoy your garden, and frees up your time to enjoy what you truly love!

Why You Should Invest in an Automatic Sprinkler System

Irrigation systems are one of the best investments you can make in your home. They provide you with a healthy and beautiful landscape, save you money, and free up your time to engage in the activities you truly enjoy. Trust University Sprinklers with your irrigation system installation.

Planning a short summer getaway? Worried about who will water the yard? No problem, once your irrigation system is programmed, it will run itself. Precisely at the scheduled time, your lawn and garden areas will get the attention they need to stand up to the hot summer sun.

Why Choose University Sprinklers as your Irrigation System Installer


Over the past three decades, we have installed more residential irrigation systems than any other installer in British Columbia — an achievement we are extremely proud of.

Our qualified installer-quoters can usually provide you with an installation quote in one day or less. With all quotes, we offer a design together with a full presentation package. The sprinklers we use are manufactured by leading manufacturers like Rain Bird and Toro. They are of pop-up design to retract into the ground (and out of sight) when not operating. The system is fully automatic and is equipped with a multi-function timer.

To enhance the quality, reliability and durability of your automatic irrigation system, our Commitment To Excellence Program consists of careful planning, product selection, installation, service and warranty.

Our Commitment To Excellence Promise

Project Planning

After meeting with you and discussing your irrigation needs, we will design the perfect irrigation system for your property. As a part of our planning process, we will:

  • check your project’s service meter size and obtain the static water pressure from the municipality
  • position all sprinkler heads with flags for your prior approval
  • calculate friction loss in order to make correct pipe sizing selections
  • review basic hydraulics to determine the correct number of valves and branch line
  • discuss available water-wise technologies such as rain sensors and weather-based irrigation
Product Selection
Rain CheckWe use only high quality products, known for their durability and longevity,  and select the proper sprinkler heads based on the following factors:

  • size and shape of areas to be watered
  • types of plant life and soil conditions on your property
  • your budget and preferences for the various pop-up sprinklers, rotating sprinklers, bubblers and drip irrigation available
  • water wise technologies available
Expert Installation
Proper installation will ensure optimal system performance, reliability, and durability. During installation we will:

  • meet all local backflow preventor codes
  • leave each project site clean and orderly when the system is completed, or at the end of each day where the job requires more than one day to complete
Irrigation System Servicing
Our service to you will include:

  • advanced written estimates and your prior approval for all work to be performed
  • prompt replies to all inquiries
  • a full maintenance program, if requested, to include an annual winterization service to protect your system from freezing damage
Our Commitment to Excellence Warranty
University Sprinklers Commitment to ExcellenceAll of our irrigation systems are backed by a one year warranty on all workmanship and a two year warranty on materials. Our head office can be contacted at (604) 421-4555, or by emailing office@universitysprinklers.com.

Note: in the case of a water emergency, please contact your local municipal emergency line.

Look No Further. Get Started Today. Call 604-421-4555 in the Lower Mainland, 250-797-1344 on Vancouver Island or 604-741-6207 on the Sunshine Coast.

Rainbird, Shell Bussey, IIABC Certified
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