"How To" Videos

Emergency Shut Off Procedures, Timer Settings and More.

Emergency Shutoff Procedure Videos

What To Do When A Zone Won’t Turn Off

Lean how to turn of an individual zone which is running even when the timer is off. This sometimes occurs when a system is first turned on in the spring if the valve bleed screws or solenoids are loose. If valve adjustment does not solve the running zone the water supply should be shut off until a technician can troubleshoot the issue.

How To Turn Off The Water To An Irrigation System

Learn how to turn off the water supply to your system. This may be necessary in the case of a stuck zone or pipe break.

Turn Off The Water To A Hose Bib Connected Irrigation System

Learn how to turn off the water supply to your system if it is supplied by a standard hose bib.

Timer Operation Videos

The following videos demonstrate programming skills for Rain Bird’s ESP-Me Controller Series. These methods are also applicable to most Rain Bird Timers, as well as other manufacturers’ units. Please visit the manufacturer’s website for information specific to your controller if you cannot find it here.

How To Turn Off Your Timer

How To Turn On Your Timer

Setting The Date And Time

Setting Program Start Time

Choosing Water Days

Settings Zone Run Times

Manual Watering Options

Seasonal Adjust Mode

Rain Bird Timer

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