Vancouver Watering Restrictions Amended

by May 5, 2016Irrigation Systems, Water-wise Irrigation

Spring Start UpMetro Vancouver has amended the Water Shortage Response Plan in a number of ways, in response to last summer’s water shortage.

Firstly, Vancouver watering restrictions come into effect May 15, and last until October 15. This is two weeks earlier than last year.

Those restrictions are as follows:

Residential addresses:

  • Even-numbered addresses may sprinkle lawns 4-9 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Odd-numbered addresses may sprinkle lawns 4-9 a.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Non-residential addresses:

  • Even-numbered addresses may sprinkle lawns 1-6 a.m. Monday and Wednesday
  • Odd-numbered addresses may sprinkle lawns 1-6 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday
  • All non-residential addresses can also sprinkle 4-9 a.m. Friday.

In the case of “mixed zoning”, the address should be considered non-residential.

Special permits are available that allow more frequent watering of newly planted lawns. Contact your local municipality for more information.

Learn how to program your sprinkler timer here.

Slight amendments have been made to Stage Two and Stage Three Vancouver Watering Restrictions, including relaxations for Chafer Beetle treatments, but we are hoping not to reach Stage Two and Three! If and when that happens, we will post full information here on our blog.

In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine and your spring gardening!

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