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Tales From The Trenches – Irrigation Fails

by May 3, 2018Irrigation Repairs

In our daily work, we get to see beautiful gardens, gorgeous lighting, and some lovely homes. Unfortunately, we also get to see situations where home or business owners have been taken advantage of or treated poorly by unscrupulous or uncaring irrigation installers. Here are some of the more amusing or egregious “irrigation fails” we came across this April!

Is That Really a Gas Cap??

We’ve never seen that one before! This sprinkler head has been capped with a gas cap. It’s a very inventive solution, but not the correct way to repair a broken nozzle…

Watering The Asphalt

Unfortunately, tight construction timing didn’t lend itself to getting these heads moved before asphalt was laid…

Yes That Really Is A Dime In There

This head was capped using a dime! The dime was placed between the shrub adapter fitting and the threaded riser, to make a partial (but not quite complete) repair to a broken nozzle.

It Works, But It Ain't Pretty

There are supports available for tall heads like this. However, even better would be a pop up head. 12” pop-up heads can go a long way to help with covering tall plant life.

No Effort Is Made To Be Discreet...

In this case a head against the house spraying AWAY from the house would have afforded better aesthetics in addition to much better irrigation coverage!

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