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Rainwater Collection in the Columbia Valley Keeps Chickens Cooled and Watered

by Feb 2, 2016Rainwater Harvesting, Water-wise Irrigation

Our Rainwater Harvesting expert Whalen Bishop has been hard at work on another rainwater collection project, this time in the Columbia Valley, near Cultus Lake.

Rainwater CollectionThis project features a 32,500 gallon above ground system which will collect water off the roof of the 5000 square foot building next to it. The harvested water will be used as a back up water supply for a commercial chicken farm.

At capacity, the amount of water collected will provide enough water to keep the chicken barn going for 28 days of its 40 day cycle, which leaves ample time for any necessary repairs to the well, or, if needed, the drilling a new one. Furthermore, the tanks will be used to supply an impact sprinkler system in the chicken barn and on the barn roof. As the water runs down the roof it will be sucked in by the large vents to create a cooling mist inside of the barns. As a side benefit, this also protects the barn against fire and forest fire.

Now that’s water-wise!