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The Vancouver Sun this week is running a feature on the future of Metro’s water supply, which is particularly timely after this summer’s severe drought. In video, Tim Jervis, General Manager of Water Service talks about future plans to further develop the massive Coquitlam Lake reservoir, and beyond that the possibility of raising the Seymour Falls Dam, to increase its capacity.

Metro Vancouver Water Supply

“This (Coquitlam Lake) is a big lake and there’s tremendous opportunity to tap into it for more drinking water,” said Bob Cavill, Metro Vancouver’s watershed manager. “What we’re doing is getting ready to add another million more people here in the next 30 years.”

Metro’s capital plan includes 3 billion dollars in infrastructure investments over the next ten years in water supply and delivery, too.

At University Sprinklers, we are keenly interested in the city’s future plans, and are especially pleased to have taken part in the development of Metro Vancouver’s Water Shortage Response Plan, which we all came to know better this past dry summer!

Now that everyone’s lawns are bouncing back as green as ever, it’s easy to forget the acts of conservation Metro residents all helped put into play, but moving forward we can all continue to do our part through both general conservation, and WaterWise Irrigation Solutions. The off season is a good time to think about swapping in water saving components into your irrigation, and possibly implementing drip irrigation or rainwater harvesting.

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