Lower Mainland: 604-421-4555 | Van Isle: 250-797-1344 |  Sunshine Coast: 604-741-6207 | office@universitysprinklers.com | 中文

Lower Mainland: 604-421-4555 | Van Isle: 250-797-1344 | Sunshine Coast: 604-741-6207   office@universitysprinklers.com | 中文

A client recently had us install two giant lamp posts to light up a dark main entrance to a multi-family development. Check out the size of these footings!

Giant landscape lighting Giant landscape lighting footing

Landscape Lighting can be used to enhance security. Also, remember, well-placed lighting not only acts as a security measure, it also enhances your landscaping!

If you are a Property Manager, or sit on a Strata Council, you should know that our salesmen will gladly meet with you and/or attend a council meeting to present the various options available to strata councils and property managers. Learn how  you can working with University Sprinklers to increase security and prevent vandalism on your property. 

For larger sites, we even offer remote monitoring! We can install a remote sensing system that allows us to control and monitor your site from our office. Not only to you get the water savings of weather-based data, but you also have the security of knowing we can detect problems remotely and dispatch technicians before on-site damage can occur. We can detect “high-flow events”, such as pipe breaks due to vandalism, before major property damage happens. We can also detect system failures such as wire damage during construction that fails to operate a control valve. Our system can detect this “low-flow event” before the landscape suffers from lack of water.

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