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Sticking Around This Summer? Enjoy Your Back Yard Even More With Outdoor Lighting!

by May 28, 2020Landscape Lighting

Landscape LightingMost British Columbians will be staying close to home this summer, and the gardening industry has certainly seen an increase in people’s interest in investing more time and money into outdoor space.

There’s no time like the present to enhance your garden with outdoor lighting! By far the most exciting aspect to low voltage landscape lighting must be the dramatic effect it can have on your landscape in the evening and at night! Annuals show their bright colours, large specimen trees and shrubs come alive with dancing shadows and up-lit canopies, and architectural features of your home and garden show completely different features than they did during the day. Make your yard a beautiful outdoor canvas during the night with a professionally installed outdoor lighting system by University Sprinklers!

Outdoor Lighting Has Two Main Components


Transformers come in a variety of wattage sizes to match the number of fixtures in the systems, and varying quality of construction. Transformers can also be fitted with timers and photocells to conserve power. Usually the transformer is powered by an outdoor plug.


The fixtures are the second and most exciting part of the outdoor lighting system. There are two basic types of fixtures: path light fixtures and spot light fixtures. Path lights are very decorative lamps that are seen both night and day. Because they are exposed and very much a part of your landscape decor, many customers enjoy picking the style and colour of path lights themselves just as they would front door hardware, or trim and mouldings inside their house.

Spot Lights are generally fairly hidden and are used to shine light from the base of a tree or shrub upwards inside the foliage to create a stunning nighttime effect! All fixtures are available from many different manufacturers and come in a variety of different finishes, shapes, colours, materials, and styles. At University Sprinklers we can install fixtures from any manufacturer you may choose – – download our lighting brochure for some examples.

Landscape LightingDid you know LED lights can offer up to 90% savings in energy costs? If you are looking for ways to go green, consider LED landscape lighting. Many outdoor lighting fixtures can be used with readily available LED bulbs. LED lights do not contain mercury, and they are free of hazardous chemicals. They are highly efficient, they conserve energy, they save money, and they have a long bulb life. Today’s LED bulbs come in a variety of intensities to suit your needs. Eco-friendly LEDs are a safe, reliable, economical option for lighting outdoor areas.

How Else Can We Enhance Your Garden Together?

Our projects also often include exciting features like:

  • patio string lights
  • ponds
  • streams
  • bubblers
  • green walls
  • fire pits

Landscape lighting lets you enjoy the beauty of your outdoor setting during the evening hours, night after night! In addition to its many safety and security benefits, landscape lighting can significantly expand your living space while extending your time for recreation, relaxation, and entertaining outdoors!

Let University Sprinklers help you make the most of your back yard this summer. Give us a call at 604-421-4555 in Metro Vancouver, 1-877-421-4555 in the Fraser Valley, or 250-797-1344 on Vancouver Island. Or you can email us at office@universitysprinklers.com. Quotes are free!

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