Many times we are called to repair landscape lighting systems that are working properly, but have no power because a GFI plug has tripped.

GFI-plugHere’s a quick check you can perform. This is a GFI plug, also known as a “ground fault circuit interrupter” plug. It is similar to a breaker, but instead of tripping when there is too much current, it trips when there is a very small amount of current that is missing, i.e. there is not an equal number of electrons leaving the plug as coming back to it. This is usually the result of moisture in and/or around the plug.

The GFI plug can be easily reset by simply pushing the “reset” button, but it will only reset when there is power to the plug.

So if for some reason your landscape lights don’t come on when you expect them to, check the GFI plug before you call us. Don’t get us wrong, we’d love to come see you and your gorgeous garden, but not to merely flick a switch for you!