Convert To Drip Irrigation Or Switch Out Your Sprinkler Heads

There Are Easy Ways To Save Water, Without Sacrificing Your Garden

Watering Restrictions Allow Drip Irrigation

In the summer of 2001 the southern portion of Vancouver Island was hit with extremely low reservoir levels, and watering grass was 100% banned. However, all was not lost, since gardens were still allowed to be watered with drip irrigation only.

Retrofitting spray-style zones to drip zones is a fantastic way to save water while watering plants in the most efficient automatic form possible today.

Drip Irrigation Conversion

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Water Saving Heads and Spray Nozzles

You can save money and water just by selecting the right products.

Water Saving Irrigation Components

U-Series Spray Nozzles

Use 30% Less Water

 The patented U-Series nozzle is the first plastic nozzle with a second orifice for close-in watering and more uniform water distribution. Its unique patented design cuts watering times, saves water and money, and reduces waste.

Water Saving Irrigation Rain Check

Rain Checks

Automatic Rain Shutoff

The Rain Check is indispensable in all automatic irrigation systems for residential use. It monitors rainfall levels and automatically overrides the controller to prevent unnecessary irrigation cycles. Now available in a wireless model.

Water Saving Irrigation Components

PRS Series Rotors

No More Misting and Fogging

A patented PRS pressure regulator built into the stem of this head actually saves water by reducing the excess water pressure and flow exiting the head, leaving nothing more than the perfect operating pressure for each nozzle. 

The pressure reduction feature ends misting and fogging caused by high lateral line pressure. This stops water waste and ensures that necessary watering occurs in high pressure or wind conditions. For the average garden zone that has a fog or mist around it, (running 10 minutes per day, 6 days per week, and 3 months per year) the water wastage can add up to thousands of gallons per year for just that one zone! For commercial sites, or homes that are metered, these savings can add up to hundreds of dollars per year.

The PRS head also restricts water loss by up to 70% if the nozzle is removed or damaged, which saves water and money, and reduces possibility of accidents and property damage. .

PRS heads are easily retrofit to any manufacturers spray heads.

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